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  • 美國製
  • 美化保護液
  • 炫彩奪目的養護產品
  • 有助於防止龜裂、褪色、變色以及過早老化
  • 深化愛車的豐潤色澤,平添炫亮風采
  • 恢復及重煥乙烯基、橡膠和塑膠件的原有光彩
  • 可用於儀表板、乙烯基座椅、車門飾板、控制台、輪胎及保險槓上
  • 295ml
  • Helps prevent cracking, fading, discoloration and premature ageing
  • Brings out a beautiful, deep shine and a nongreasy finish
  • Safely cleans away dirt, dust and debris
  • Renews and revitalizes vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • The protectant can be used on dashboards, vinyl seats, consoles, tires, bumpers and door panels

ARMORALL牛魔王 美化保護液

庫存單位: AA-10010


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