The new Nolan N104 helmet model is the synthesis of all the innovation that Nolan was able to introduce in the field of full-face flip-up helmets, starting with the innovative N100 (year 1998).Nolan is about to write a whole new page in history: the N104 is, indeed, the helmet designed by the most demanding motorcyclists for the most careful ones. It was designed, developed, tested and engineered by a team of specialists who are passionate motorcyclists, before being engineers, designers or technicians.The Nolan N104 modular is, in fact, the highest expression of Nolan's new and exclusive innovations; it is a synonym for contemporary and elegant design and incomparable riding comfort. 100% Made in Italy, N104 is the flip-up helmet all other helmets compare to, thanks to the reliability of the Nolan brand and to the obsessive attention to even the most minute of details.


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