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3M™ 防水矽膠密封帶 (PN3625) 1"X2碼


【密封不漏水 — 3M™防水矽膠密封帶!】


家中突然出現喉管洩漏或水管破裂有冇急救辦法?3M™防水矽膠密封帶是最理想嘅選擇。 當軟管,管道,電氣導管或其他類似物品需要修理時,只需將膠帶纏繞喺破裂處,讓矽膠自身融合,形成持久嘅密封保護阻止空氣同水洩漏。仲可以用嚟捆扎物件或手柄防滑。3M™防水矽膠密封帶喺一種超彈性,高度適形嘅修復膠帶,可以緊貼金屬、塑料等多種表面 。膠帶不含粘合劑,方便易用,除後亦不損表面。密封帶可以抵禦極端溫度(-65°C 至 260°C),用喺汽車同家居維修上都非常可靠,係你嘅百搭好幫手!




  • Effectively cleans fuel injectors
  • Easy to pour bottle without spill
  • Helps restore power and fuel economy
  • Helps improve idle and throttle response
  • Helps eliminate stalling and hesitation due to dirty fuel injectors

3M™ Fuel Injector Cleaner is a quality fuel tank additive that cleans fuel injectors, removing gum, resin and varnish deposits to help improve fuel economy and restore power. Our fuel injector cleaner may help to eliminate stalling, hesitation and poor performance due to dirty fuel injectors.

3M™ Fuel Injector Cleaner works in the time that it takes to consume one tank of gasoline. Recommended dosage is 1 ounce per gallon (8ml per liter).
With the increased use of lower and mixed qualities of discount gasoline, the need for cleaning your fuel injectors from the inside-out is becoming increasingly important because deposits build up in the tips and affect their ability to spray properly. The buildup of deposits in the tips of the fuel injectors can adversely affect overall engine performance. Common symptoms are: poor fuel economy, loss of horsepower, rough idling, miss-fires, hesitation, and stalling, but many other undesirable results may be experienced.
Fuel system cleaners are a small investment in better automotive performance.


3M 防水矽膠密封帶 1吋 X 2碼 Wrap & Repair Silicone Tape

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