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  • 獨特抗污清潔配方, 使引擎免受泥漿與塵埃污染
  • 強化油品,降低油膜破裂,減低磨損、磨擦
  • 抑制煙霧產生,減低廢氣排放,
  • 提高啟動性能,提升加速性能,
  • 高壓式引擎,濕式與乾式離合器均適用
  • Fortifies oil against oil breakdown and heavy emissions
  • Cleans engine of sludge and dirt
  • Smoke suppression
  • Excellent for high-stress engines; improves starting and acceleration
  • For wet or dry clutch engines

CYCLO C-5190 油品處理劑 Oil Treatment

庫存單位: C-5250


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