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Opening kit Keyless 2.0 for V56


適用於IOS和Android的應用程序,可以在不使用鑰匙但使用智能手機的情況下打開和關閉頂蓋。 功能:



An application available for IOS and Android is currently in progress that makes it possible to open and close a top case without the use of a key, but with the use of a smartphone. Functionalities:

• Remote lock/unlock of the case
• “Shake” mode to lock/unlock the top case by shaking your smartphone
• No electric wiring of the vehicle needed
• The battery powering the lock is independent and keeps working when the top case is detached from the vehicle
• Keyless 2.0 also allows the use of the standard key

GIVI E175 Keyless 2.0 (V56)

庫存單位: E175
颜色: 黑色


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