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Pair of MONOKEY® Trekker Alaska side cases with a natural aluminium finish, 36 ltr, equipped with matching lock cylinders plus a third matching lock cylinder for mounting a separate top-case. Also available in the Black Line.Equipped with the MONOKEY® fitting system, with a single lock that uses the same key to open the case and to detach it from the frame. Compatible with the tubular side-case holders PL_ _ _, PLR_ _ _, PLO_ _ _, PLOR_ _ _. For mounting on PL and PLR frames, it is necessary to mount two spacers included in the package between the tubular frame and the support hooks hooks spacer.Original and patented design.



● WIRELEASE® 系統:鋼索拆卸系統,藏於箱體內夾層的鋼索連接至側箱底座扣具,拆卸側箱只需旋轉鎖頭下方的旋鈕,即可釋放側箱底座扣具。


● HOLD IT EASY® 系統:Trekker Alaska系列側箱具有輔助掛勾系統,可讓側箱在拆卸的狀態下傾斜,且仍然勾住側箱架不至於完全分離。此系統是針對避免側箱意外掉落而設計,或是當裝有較大尺寸的後箱時,可以輔助在側箱傾斜的狀態下開啟上蓋。HOLD IT EASY® 系統 於部分型號側箱架不適用(此配件附於箱內,可自行選擇是否安裝)。


庫存單位: ALA36B
颜色: 唖黑色


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