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即使在最不利的條件下,這種潤滑劑也是保護摩托車鏈條的最佳選擇。 它被商業化為噴霧劑,這簡化了它的應用,並確保產品完美地粘在鏈條上,最大限度地減少後輪的溢出。 該產品在其配方中加入了 PTFE 添加劑,可最大限度地提高其耐水性,即使在任何類型的環境中的高溫下也能實現最佳性能。 這種潤滑劑特別推薦用於需要最高性能標準的帶有 O 形環鏈條的摩托車。 為確保獲得最佳效果,建議在使用 MOTO CHAIN DRY 之前使用 REPSOL DEGREASE & ENGINE CLEANER 對鏈條進行脫脂。


This lubricant is the best choice to protect motorbike chains even under the most adverse conditions. It is commercialised as a spray, which simplifies its application, and ensures that the product sticks on the chain perfectly, minimising the spillages to the rear wheel. This product incorporates PTFE additives on its formulation that maximise its water resistance and allow optimal performance even at high temperatures in any type of environments. This lubricant is especially recommended for motorbikes with o-ring chains, which require the highest performance standards. To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to degrease the chain with the REPSOL DEGREASE & ENGINE CLEANER before applying the MOTO CHAIN DRY.

    REPSOL MOTO CHAIN DRY 乾粉鏈油(噴劑) 400ml

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