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通用防噴罩需要與特定的配件套件(RM_ _ _ __KIT)配對,該套件會根據摩托車的型號而有所不同。 配件套件是單獨出售的(重要的是檢查是否為各個摩托車生產了特定的配件套件)。


Universal spray guard, which needs to be paired with the specific fitting kit (RM_ _ _ _KIT), which varies according to the model of motorcycle. The fitting kit is sold separately (it is important to check that the specific fitting kit is produced for the individual motorcycle).

• Made of nylon and reinforced by fiberglass

Look for the section MY MOTORCYCLE to verify the compatibility of the specific article for your motorcycle.

GIVI RM02 百搭尾沙板 Universal Spray Guard

庫存單位: RM02
颜色: 黑色


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