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配件系統由高科技聚合體和不銹鋼製成。 它與直徑在8到35毫米之間的管兼容,並且可以連接到不是很圓的部分。

S604旨在適應:•全新尺寸的意大利TELEPASS *(66 x 48 x 28毫米)。


Universal case for European highway toll payment devices entirely MADE IN ITALY and equipped with a universal kit for fastening onto handlebars, crossbars and mirrors.
The fitting system, made from technopolymers and stainless steel. It is compatible with tubes between 8 and 35 mm in diameter and can attach to sections that are not perfectly round.

The S604 was designed to accomodate:
• the Italian TELEPASS* in its new size (66 x 48 x 28 mm).

GIVI S604 百搭盒子 Universal Case

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